Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coachella Photo Diary

 photo coachella-2014-18_zpscc564323.jpg
Coachella packing list: denim shorts (these are from topshop), bikinis (this 'dope' one from Choies, boho jewelry (turquoise necklace is Forever21),  Stone Cold Fox x Luv Aj Lennon belt, vintage concho belt, polaroids and some Flash tattoos (a new favorite!!)

 photo coachella91_zps0ae7a362.jpg
 photo coachella-2014-333_zpsbd0df6f5.jpg

Keeping cool right before scorching in the hot sun in Acacia swim and forever 21 Sunnies .

 photo coachella-2014-21_zps30dd9252.jpg 
Rookie ass mistake I made here: Never wear new shoes to Coachella. WTF was I thinking?! Taking a foot break here and chilling barefoot in the grass was pretty great. These JC's are too cute though! Hard to resist breaking them in there.
  photo coachella81_zpscaaf4367.jpg

What's a Coachella photo diary without some windmills? Duh. Haha. These are from the road trip up! Why are windmills so mesmerizing?  Silent giants you.
  photo coachella111_zps496f2e9e.jpg  photo coachella-2014-37_zps2a461a42.jpg 
Crowd getting pumped up right before Empire of the Sun hit the stage. 

 photo coachella2_zps63fdc862.jpg
 photo coachella68_zps3693e4a4.jpg 
Day 3: close up of my new Vanessa Mooney x For Love and Lemons Chain bra. Rocked this super casual with a white tank and ripped jeans.
  photo coachella-2014-30_zps51c43b77.jpg 
stop following me moon man! It's like you're obsessed with me!
  photo ferris5_zpsb1de5045.jpg photo coachella-2014-16_zpsa23501e2.jpg 
Me - "I don't want to see Calvin Harris, lets go get some drinks".  The mission failed half way towards destination.  The music was so infectious I had to stop and dance .

 photo coachella36_zpsbc6e2e4e.jpg  photo coachella78_zpsd3a768a7.jpg 
Picked up this beautiful fringed bag at Fabulous Rag boutique in Pacific Beach. They have pretty cool little fringed bags right now. If you pop in (speaking to you San Diego natives) don't forget to give Frank Vinyl a little shout out!

 photo coachella2014-22_zps8b94f4dd.jpg 
Something about seeing people from above while spinning makes me feel special. Any place with a Ferris Wheel is ok by me. Ferris wheel Diaries.
  photo coachella-2014-10_zps55fdd65b.jpg photo coachella57_zpsa8c9098e.jpg photo day2_zps3b3090d4.jpg photo coachella28_zpse443a8e5.jpg photo coachella82_zps26dbbb04.jpg photo coachella56_zpse8f99b4b.jpg photo coachella90_zps558c708c.jpg photo coachella-2014-41_zps63da84a4.jpg  photo coachella-2014-5_zpsed08792e.jpg photo coachella12_zps304d813f.jpg
 photo coachella-20141-16_zpsaf8d804c.jpg

the aftermath after one of the shows.  
 photo coachella75_zps1e8c330d.jpg
 photo coachella-2014-28_zps2b8c91bb.jpg photo coachella-2014-15_zps45f15413.jpg photo day2coach4_zps128d9fe6.jpg 
Backpack and dress: Forever21.
  photo coachella-2014-222_zps9e5d0483.jpg photo coachella-2014-32_zps3d41d899.jpg photo day2-2_zpsea94cb17.jpg photo coachella2014-27_zpsb215ff7f.jpg 
This mirror exhibit just made everyone so intrigued.. including me. I think I took a selfie here every single day haha. 
  photo coachella70_zps94521cb0.jpg
Exhibit B.
   photo coachella2014-44_zps17f4ff89.jpg 
View of all shows from Ferris Wheel. You could literally see everything from up here.
  photo coachelala_zps4a4706dc.jpg

Sorry for the overload of photos, but it was kind of hard to pick! See you next year Coachella!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

GIRL CRUSH: Inspirafashion

 photo inspira1_zps57018194.jpg All photos from Inspirafashion

You know I am such a sucker for floppy hats and anything floral. This girl knows how to make everything look adorable. How cute is that floral dress with the great cutouts shown above? I have been following Kathleen for a while now so thought I should share her blog, Inspirafashion with you for todays' Girl Crush. Do you know Kathleen already? What do you think of her blog? If you guys have any blogs you know of that you think deserve to be "girl crushed" comment below with a link or inbox me:! xo Francesca

(ps) Sorry I haven't been writing in Spanish for you guys! I hope the spanish speakers don't feel left out! I am well aware that most of you already speak english anyway but it's always nice to be able to read in your first language. I am working on inserting a plug-in soon that translates everything directly to spanish. Have any of you used this before? Anyway, it will be back shortly! Amongst all the other crazy changes about to happen to my blog design. xx

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Maximum Exposure

 photo frank_musita2_zpscd257a7e.jpg photo musita2_zpse19665b3.jpg photo musita-frank_zps29ee8e42.jpg photo frank_musita6_zps9cdaf08c.jpg photo frank_musita1_zpsd09a98fe.jpg  photo frank-musita10_zpscd290246.jpg photo musita-cfrank12_zpsee714008.jpg

Grey Maxi Dress Forever21, Mexican Artisan bag, Vintage Belt and hat, Jeffrey Campbell Watson booties
photos by John Smith

I just got this dress about a two weeks ago and already have worn it one hundred ways! The best part is it is from Forever21. Grey (weirdly my favorite color for clothes), low back, comfortable and easy to wear on so many different levels. I wore this out on a Saturday with a Mexican artisan bag, vintage belt and hat. Doing a few of my favorite things : buying flowers, eating at my favorite place and wasting time haha. We stopped by an Ethiopian restaurant near my house that encourages you to eat with your hands (I dig it.. haha). This is one of my favorite spots in SD: Muzita Abyssinian Bistro. Afterwards, I headed to pick up some flowers for the house and my usual flower spot in Hillcrest. Pretty Standard Saturday. Anyway, if you are in the area, you should stop by Muzita. Who knows, I wouldn't be surprised if you ran into me there! xo Francesca

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coachella 2014 Behind the Scenes Video

 photo coachella-2014-10_zps55fdd65b.jpgHope you like the quick video I made below! I had fun putting it together!  I used one of the best songs from my favorite show of the weekend, Disclosure. Such a memorable set!!  Let me know what you think!!  I will be posting a final diary up soon! xo Francesca Happy Easter guys !


Friday, April 18, 2014

Ferris Wheel Diaries

 photo coachh_zpsf6fb04c3.jpg photo day2coach_zpsca162b2e.jpg photo ferris2_zpsb7df2cec.jpg photo dress2_zps8ad14f41.jpg photo ferrrris_zps8d46e208.jpg
Forever21 Dress and Backpack, Steve Madden Boots, Van De Vort Bodychain
photos by John Smith

Taking a break from the shows and jumping on the Ferris Wheel just after sunset was the best idea ever! The view from above of the lights was beautiful!  The few moments of silence John and I got to share above all the Coachella craziness happening below was memorable. I think this day two outfit was my favorite in Forever 21 and Steve Madden. Easy, breasy, beautiful, Coachella girl. Woah. yes, I did that. Ok I think that's my cue to retire for the day. Talk soon my little blog heads! Xo F

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